Ousmane Dembélé is the Key to the Treble

Ousmane Dembélé is the Key to the Treble

Of course Lionel Messi is the most influential player at Barca, but the deciding factor that will make or break the rest of Barca’s season is none other than Ousmane Dembélé. Yes, Lionel Messi will create moments of magic and Luis Suarez will score here and there, but as we’ve seen in recent seasons, the dynamic duo up top isn’t enough to progress to the later stages of the UEFA Champions League. Barcelona needs another attacker who adds a mixture of skill, composure, and variety to the Barca front-line, all the while maintaining chemistry with Messi and Suarez.

Enter Ousmane Dembélé. The Frenchman is incredibly skilled, with the ability to dribble past a defender with ease and accelerate to an astounding speed. Not only is the winger fast and talented with the ball, but he also works well with his world-class attacking teammates. Although Dembélé does not fill the massive void Neymar left two years ago, with every passing game he seems to look increasingly comfortable playing alongside Messi and Suarez, revealing an encouraging amount of team chemistry.

With each passing game, we are able to comprehend just how important Dembélé is to this Barca team. He has scored an abundance of game-deciding goals and provided crucial assists against top clubs including Sevilla, Valladolid, Real Sociedad, Rayo Vallecano, Atletico Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, etc. It is safe to say that Barcelona would not be 10 points clear at the top of the La Liga table without the brilliance of Dembélé.

If Ousmane Dembélé can stay healthy and avoid another injury late in the season, the Frenchman will rally behind Lionel Messi and Co. and give him the proper tools and assistance the Barca Captain has been waiting for since the departure of Neymar, ultimately allowing Barca’s attack to flourish against top-tier clubs in the UEFA Champions League.

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