The Ivan Rakitic Conundrum

The Ivan Rakitic Conundrum

There is no doubt that Ivan Rakitic is and has been a genuine fit in the Barca Gala XI for number of seasons, but should Barca sell him in the summer while they can still get a lump sum from the aging midfielder?


Ever since the departure of Xavi Hernandez four years ago, the Croatian midfielder has been an integral part of Barca’s success in key fixtures. He always conveys his hardworking attitude every time he steps onto the field, and showcases his best skills against top clubs, scoring and assisting against Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Sevilla, Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico de Madrid, etc. The box-to-box midfielder never fails to impress as his workhorse play-style has one the hearts of the Barca faithful.


However, like any other player, Ivan Rakitic is aging, and is currently 31. The Barcelona midfielder still has a few good seasons left before he is too old to fit the grade at Barca, and the FC Barcelona board may want to cash-in on the Croatian before his time in the sun is over. With the arrival of Frenkie De Jong from Ajax in the summer, Barca will have an excess of midfielders, and will need to offload some of their players to balance their checkbooks. Rumors and reports all point toward Rakitic getting the axe and being transferred for around $57 million.


If Barcelona do decide to sell Rakitic, it will be a major risk as they will let go a world-class midfielder that has plenty of Barcelona DNA in him. Rakitic plays extremely well with Lionel Messi, and if the Croatian leaves, Barca will lose a key link between their midfield and attack. If Barca are without Rakitic and Frenkie De Jong does not meet his high expectations, Barca will struggle to find someone of Rakitic’s high, all-around quality. The barca board better think hard about what they will do with their World Cup finalist midfielder.


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