Valverde: Barca Perform in Big Games

Valverde: Barca Perform in Big Games

After Barca’s crucial 1-0 away victory against Manchester United in the UEFA on Wednesday, Ernesto Valverde commented on his men’s outstanding performances in big games.

“Barca perform in big games”, Valverde told reporters after the big game, and he’s not wrong. Barca have been tested time and time again all season long, and the Blaugrana continuously find ways to transcend other top-clubs. Over the course of the season, Valverde’s Barca have faced top-tier clubs like Sevilla five times, Atletico de Madrid two times, Tottenham Hotspur two times, Real madrid four times, Olympique Lyon two times, and now Manchester United once, winning or drawing in fifteen out of sixteen possible games against these high-ranked clubs.

When Barca are under pressure to perform in difficult situations, we have seen an encouraging amount of resilience from the Blaugrana this season. When Barca needed a good result heading into their 2nd leg of the Champions league against Lyon, they dug deep and put on a special display at the Camp Nou. After Barca failed to score in the 0-0 1st leg draw in Lyon, Barca scored an emphatic five goals to eliminate the French side. Recently when Barca faced Atletico de Madrid in La Liga, the stakes were high as Diego Simeone’s men could have cut Barca’s lead to five points with seven games remaining. Instead, Barca were up to the task as they beat Atletico 2-0, essentially putting the league to sleep. And now, Barca have just succeeded in beating a daunting Manchester United 1-0 in England, securing a crucial away goal that could potentially decide the fate of this tie.

It is no surprise that Valverde’s men are favored to lift the coveted European trophy, and if they continue to play top team like they have been all season, there is no doubt that they will win the treble.

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